As Technology Director

  • Setting up the admissions portal and online enrollment homepage.
  • Opening and closing academic years.
  • Setting up the faculty, parent and student portals.
  • Managing processes for creating report cards.
  • Redesigning report cards and transcripts.
  • Creating transcripts.
  • Creating queries and data exports.
  • Writing how-to user guides.
  • Troubleshooting faculty, parent and student problems.


  • Setting up the student portal so students can make course requests.
  • Creating classes and enrolling groups of students into these classes.
  • Inputting school timetables manually.
  • Setting up the faculty portal so teachers can record grades and attendance for classes.
  • Managing processes for creating report cards.
  • Redesigning report cards and transcripts.
  • Creating transcripts.
  • Running GPA calculations.
  • Creating queries and data exports.
  • Writing how-to user guides.


  • Redesigning and reimplementing pages and faculty, parent, student and alumni portals.
  • Designing and implementing new pages.
  • Managing an interface redesign project.
  • Importing student and teacher accounts into a backend.
  • Writing how-to user guides.


  • Creating Google accounts for students and teachers.
  • Writing how-to user guides.


  • Creating blogs for teachers and students.
  • Installing blog themes.
  • Giving workshops on WordPress for class websites.


  • Importing student and teacher accounts.


  • Writing and maintaining policies and agreements for faculty, parents and students on:
    • Google Apps
    • Computer games
    • A bring your own technology (BYOT) program
    • A one-to-one iPad program
    • Edublogs
    • Faculty laptops
    • Data protection
  • Creating surveys on the above to gather information and measure progress.
  • Coordinating a technology team comprising of a systems administrator, systems technician and technology teachers.
  • Detailing and managing technology budgets.
  • Coordinating a migration from Rubicon Atlas to Google Docs for curriculum management.
  • Coordinating a migration from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps.
  • Managing a middle school one-to-one iPad program.
  • Managing a project to locate, evaluate and eventually install a system that supports asset, alumni and human resource information management.
  • Coordinating the setting up of Edublogs for digital portfolios.
  • Managing school social media accounts, including Flickr, VimeoFacebook and Twitter.
  • Working with administrators, teachers, staff and parents to implement and evaluate technological programs/initiatives and systems.
  • Evaluating various models of laptops, tablets, cameras, projectors and printers, and various types of software.
  • Troubleshooting technological problems of teachers, staff and students – both hardware and software.
  • Meeting with vendors and negotiating pricing.
  • Managing parent-teacher conference sign-up forms via Google Apps.
  • Overseeing the installation of technological equipment.
  • Designing infographics, logos and other work.
  • Coordinating a migration from Education Edge to Veracross for school information management.

As Computer Science Educator

  • Teaching the IB Computer Science and IB Information Technology in a Global Society courses.
  • Teaching the IGCSE Computer Science and IGCSE Information and Communication Technology courses.
  • Teaching introductory computer science and digital citizenship to middle school students.
  • Teaching mathematics to middle school students.
  • Teaching technology to elementary students.
  • Heading a technology department.
  • Supervising computer science-based IB Extended Essays.
  • Redesigning a middle school technology course to focus on digital citizenship.
  • Setting up a website for student-made mathematics video tutorials.
  • Setting up a website for IB Computer Science.
  • Integrating the Java-based Greenfoot and BlueJ development environments into computer science courses.

As Developer

As Technology Coach

  • Giving workshops on:
    • WordPress and Google Drive, Docs and Calendar for setting up class websites.
    • Twitter for professional development and collective notetaking.
    • Google Docs for unit planning and organisation.

As Robotics Coach

  • Coaching robotics to elementary, middle and high school students using the Lego Mindstorms and VEX systems.
  • Planning robotics tournaments.

As Yearbook Coordinator

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